Nose Unblocked stuffy nose

Blocked Nose - Home Remedies

There are an assortment of little steps that you can take that can relieve your stuffy nose. One thing you can do is to check the other medications you are on. Some medication, such as estrogen and high blood pressure medication, can cause a blocked nose. You can also try eating something spicy. This will make your nose run, which can help clear some blockage. Eating a strong peppermint candy will also help temporarily clear your nasal cavity. If you have no fever or trouble breathing due to coughing or chest irritation, mild to moderate exercise is also helpful in clearing up a blocked nose.

Ephedra Tea

Drinking a warm cup of herbal tea can be very soothing, and the Chinese herbal tea ephedra is particularly effective. Yes, ephedra is the herb that was removed from stimulant pills, but a typical cup of this tea is harmless to those who have no heart problems. You should not drink ephedra tea more than 2-3 times a week, however, just to be safe.

What to Avoid in order to clear your nose

There are some things that you should abstain from if you want to clear up your blocked nose. One surprising culprit is milk. Although milk is good for your overall health, milk and other dairy products can lead to an increase in mucus production. Also, it is possible you have a mild dairy allergy which is causing your blocked nose. So as long as you are sniffling, skip the cup of milk. You should also abstain from drinking alcohol if you have a blocked nose. Some of the substances in alcoholic beverages, such as tannin, can swell your nasal membranes and irritate your sinuses.