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What is a Neti Pot?

The Neti Pot, also known as Jala Neti or Neti Horn, is an ancient devce for cleaning the nasal passages. It originated in India and is now praised and recommended by Western medical practitioners. In India and other parts of Asia, the Neti Pot is as commonplace as the toothbrush, and is understood to be just as beneficial to health and cleanliness. Western doctors have now acknowledged that the Neti Pot is safe and effective, with no adverse side effects. And what is the Neti Pot? A device used to irrigate the nasal cavity with saline solution, hence the medical term for the device and procedure, nasal irrigation.


The Neti Pot came into existence in India thousands of years ago, created as one of the ways that the body is cleansed in preparation for practicing Yoga. Today, it is used to keep the nasal passage clean and clear, and is even used 3 or 4 times a day by those who live or work in heavily polluted areas.! The practice helps to keep the nasal passage clear of allergens, excess mucus, and germs that may enter the body through the nose. Use of the Neti Pot is not only a preventive measure; it helps to soothe the swollen membranes of the nose and clears the nasal cavity of disease and irritants.

The Neti Pot is relatively simple in its design and easy to use. Although there are different shapes available, almost all nasal irrigation devices have a tapered end which is inserted into one nostril and filled with warm salt water (or warm oil and herbs, though water is the more common) which flows through the nasal cavity when the head is tipped. The water flows up the nostril into the sinus, and then flows out the other nostril, taking with it much accumulated filth.

Nasal irrigationThe Neti Pot is a safe and comfortable way to irrigate the nasal cavity, and is a very relaxing and centering process. The gurus that created this method of cleansing realized that breathing naturally and comfortably through the nose is one of the most important contributors to a feeling of health and well-being, and using the Neti Pot is an easy and painless, low-cost way of achieving that.